About Us

Young Ideas Software was started by Tim Young, a practicing attorney in New Orleans.  He maintains many sites in connection with his law practice, The Young Firm.  These law related sites include JonesActLaw.com, LHWCA.com, and HurtOffshore.com.  Mr. Young graduated from Tulane Law School in 1993 and he enjoys using and developing technology.

In 2007 Mr. Young sought to develop online programs to assist in his law practice.    In creating TrialSchedule, he worked for more than a year with Rob Walling of The Numa Group.  Mr. Walling has developed several web applications and is a master of .net programing.  CloudPlanner was the natural offshoot of TrialSchedule, aimed at a more general professional user.  STCW Online provides a needed service to many of Mr. Young’s maritime clients.  In practicing maritime law for more than 15 years, he understood the need for good, but also affordable online Coast Guard practice exams.